Machine Translation Services

AI-based neural machine translation services have the potential to transform business communication. They can do so in a big way.


Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE) Process

MTPE is an innovative translation technique. It uses both machine translation and human translators’ expertise. It provides an integrated neural machine translation services. It involves using machine translation to make an initial translation. Then, human translators edit and refine the output. They do this to ensure accuracy, fluency, and adherence to requirements.

How MTPE Combines Machine Translation Technology with Human Expertise

MTPE combines the speed of machine translation with the understanding of human translators. Here’s how it works:

Initial Machine Translation

The process begins by running the source text through a machine translation system, which automatically generates a rough translation. Machine translation serves as the starting point for the human post-editing process.

Human Post-Editing

A skilled human translator then reviews and corrects the machine-generated translation, making adjustments to improve accuracy, coherence, and fluency.

Quality Assurance

After the post-editing, a thorough quality assurance check is performed to ensure the final translation meets the highest standards of quality.

M Polyglot

Translate in Any Language with our Machine Translation Tool

Why Translation Matters

You can reach 80% of the world’s online consumers by translating your website into the following tongues: English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Italian.

(Source: CSA Research)

Examples of Sectors Benefiting from Neural Machine Translation Services


Machine Translation Services can help online retailers can reach more customers. They can do this by translating their product descriptions and website into many languages.


Law firms and legal professionals can navigate international legal processes. They do this by translating contracts, court documents, patents, and legal letters.


Educational institutions can offer translated materials. They can also offer online platforms and study guides. These help students from different language backgrounds access resources.


Software companies can localize their products by translating user interfaces and documentation. This ensures a seamless user experience for customers around the world.


Technology companies can localize their products by translating user interfaces and documentation. Our Machine Translation Services ensures a smooth user experience for customers worldwide.


Medical professionals can talk to patients and access medical research. They do this by translating patient records, research papers, and regulatory documents with the help of machine translation services.


Financial institutions can provide financial reports and investment documents in many languages. This is to serve a diverse clientele and help global transactions.

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Providing Foreign Machine Translation Services in more than 100 Languages

Our extensive language capabilities allow you to take your content to global audiences effectively.

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