About Us

JA Translations offers professional language services, specializing in Translation and Localization, Dubbing, Voice Over and Subtitling.

Our Vision

At JA Translations, we aim to lead the way in making global communication excellent and easy. We aim to build a world where language isn’t a problem but a tool that brings together people, cultures, and ideas. With our complete language services like translation, transcription, dubbing, voice-over, and subtitling, we picture a world where information flows seamlessly, promoting understanding and collaboration on a global level.

Our Mission

At JA Translations, we aim to offer top-notch language services that empower businesses, individuals, and organizations to communicate effortlessly across different languages and cultures. Whether it’s precise translation, accurate transcription, engaging dubbing, adaptable voice-over, or accurate subtitling, we aim to make communication clear and impactful in every language. We’re dedicated to being a reliable partner, committed to excellence and innovation, helping our clients navigate the diverse and interconnected world with confidence and success.

Our Services

Translation Services

Our comprehensive approach offers translation and a partnership that spans services, technology, consulting, and industry expertise.


As your dedicated partner, we assist you in expanding your reach into new markets, bridging language divides with precision and expertise. Our focus is creating diverse audiences and ensuring an optimal buyer experience transcending linguistic barriers.

Dubbing and Voice Over

At JA Translations, Our dedicated team of experienced dubbing and Voice-over actors is committed to providing high-quality Netflix-style dubbing services in more than 100+ languages.

Subtitling and Captioning

At JA Translations, we excel in handling diverse subtitle formats, showcasing our proficiency in delivering over 5000 minutes of subtitled files in the past few months.

Providing Language Solutions in more than 100 Languages

Our extensive language capabilities allow you to take your eLearning content to learners worldwide confidently.

Arabic (AR)

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)

Czech (CS)

Danish (DA)

Dutch (NL)

English (EN)

English, UK (UE)

Finnish (FI)

French (FR)

German (DE)

Italian (IT)

Japanese (JA)

Korean (KO)

Norwegian (NO)

Polish (PL)

Portuguese, Brazilian (PB)

Russian (RU)

Spanish (ES)

Swedish (SV)

Thai (TH)

Vietnamese (VI)

Afrikaans (AF)

Albanian (SQ)

Amharic (AM)

Armenian (HY)

Azerbaijani (AZ)

Basque (EU)

Belarusian (BE)

Bengali (BN)

Bhutanese (BT)

Bihari (BH)

Bosnian (BS)

Breton (BR)

Bulgarian (BG)

Burmese (MY)

Catalan (CA)