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A lot of audio-visual content needs great translation. It needs this to reach a bigger audience

Trust our professional translation company in India. We have a huge client base. They will enhance communication and make a big difference globally.


Let's Go Global With JA Translations

JA Translations is a top language translation company. It has 20,000+ native translators and 10+ years of experience. It can handle large volumes of translations and localize projects. The translation is now high in demand. This is the demand of today’s globalized world. Businesses men and individuals connect across borders and cultures but for this, they need a good language translator.

Being able to speak many languages well is vital our top-notch translation and localization services can help bridge the gap. We provide accurate translations promptly. our services are vital in fields like international business, diplomacy, healthcare, and education. Clear and accurate communication is key to success in these fields.

Our language translation services are vital. We translate various types of key documents, interpret in meetings, Provide voiceovers for videos and many more. We help with cross-cultural communication and understanding.

Why Choose Our Language Translation Company?

Our expert translators speak your language naturally. They ensure that your content is translated accurately while keeping its meaning. This includes content on websites, in documents, and in audio and video.
We don’t just change words; we ensure your message fits in. This means your content will connect with local cultures, making a significant impact.
We know how important time is. Your top-notch content will be ready when you need it without any delays.
You can spend a little for excellent quality. Our services are priced reasonably, so you have the best quality, accurate translations that won’t break the bank.

M Polyglot

Translate in Any Language with our Machine Translation Tool

Why Translation Matters

You can reach 80% of the world’s online consumers by translating your website into the following tongues: English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Italian.

(Source: CSA Research)

Translation for Different Sectors

Explore our innovative translation and localization services tailored for different sectors

Take Advantage of our Expert Language Solutions


Professional Translation Services

We offer certified translation services. We also offer a partnership. It spans services, tech, consulting, and industry expertise.

JA Translations is one of the best translation company. It has a team of experienced native translators who ensure great precision. They do document, website, and script translations. They also do other reliable services in India.

We are your strategic ally, promoting expanding your presence into new markets. By connecting with diverse audiences, we ensure a great customer experience. We go beyond language barriers.

We create custom solutions. They help you enter new markets quickly and efficiently. They also help you enter new markets effectively. They maximize your business gains. Join the top global translation companies. They trust us to turn international aspirations into worldwide accomplishments.

Transcription Services

We’re here to help you reach new audiences and break language barriers with precision and expertise. We focus on creating diverse audiences and ensuring a great buyer experience, regardless of language.

Audio Transcription: Our specialized audio transcription services turn spoken words into accurate text. We transcribe meetings, interviews, podcasts, and audio. We make sure the transcriptions are clear and precise. This helps global communication.

Video Transcription: Our experts transcribe spoken words. This includes captions and dialogues from webinars to marketing videos. This makes your content accessible and engaging for a broader, international audience.

We are your all-in-one partner. We provide transcription services and industry-specific expertise. We guide you smoothly from planning to execution. Our custom transcription solutions empower you to enter new markets. They boost efficiency and effectiveness for maximum business gains.


Subtitling and Captioning Services

At JA Translations, we’re good at dealing with all kinds of subtitle formats. In the last few months, we’ve successfully delivered more than 5000 minutes of subtitled files. Our past work shows we care about getting things right, ensuring good quality, and making our clients happy.

This helps us understand the global side of things when it comes to handling your subtitling and captioning requests.

We provide Subtitling and Captioning Services for: 
  • Films
  • TV Series
  • Podcasts
  • Presentations
  • Elearning Videos
  • Tutorials
  • TV Commercials

Dubbing and Voice Over

At JA Translations, our skilled team of dubbing and voice-over actors is here to make your audiovisual projects shine! We offer top-notch dubbing services in over 100 languages, just like the ones you enjoy on Netflix. We aim to ensure that the voices match the on-screen action. The translations are perfect, and the performances suit different cultures. You might be working on movies, animations, TV shows, documentaries, or podcasts. Or, you might be working on any other visual project. Our dubbing services can help you connect with a larger audience without losing quality. Let us bring your content to life in languages that resonate with people worldwide!


Frequently Asked Questions

Quality assurance means ensuring that translated content is accurate, respectful of different cultures, and meets industry standards. At JA Translations, we have unique ways and steps to double-check and guarantee that our translations are precise and high-quality.

At JA Translations, we have experts who speak the language natively and know the culture well. This means our translations go beyond just the words—they include cultural references to make sure the meaning is spot on. We use special techniques to ensure the translated content makes sense in the cultural context.

Turnaround times vary based on project complexity and language requirements. JA Translations provide estimated timelines during the project planning phase, considering factors that may influence project schedules.
JA Translations facilitates client collaboration through feedback, regular check-ins, and dedicated communication channels. Client input is welcomed throughout the translation process to ensure satisfaction.
Pricing is influenced by factors such as project complexity, word count, language pairs, and additional services. JA Translations provide detailed quotes after assessing project requirements and maintain transparent pricing practices.

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Providing Foreign Language Translation Services in more than 100 Languages

Our extensive language capabilities allow you to take your content to global audiences effectively.

Arabic (AR)

Chinese, Simplified (ZS)

Czech (CS)

Danish (DA)

Dutch (NL)

English (EN)

English, UK (UE)

Finnish (FI)

French (FR)

German (DE)

Italian (IT)

Japanese (JA)

Korean (KO)

Norwegian (NO)

Polish (PL)

Portuguese, Brazilian (PB)

Russian (RU)

Spanish (ES)

Swedish (SV)

Thai (TH)

Vietnamese (VI)

Afrikaans (AF)

Albanian (SQ)

Amharic (AM)

Armenian (HY)

Azerbaijani (AZ)

Basque (EU)

Belarusian (BE)

Bengali (BN)

Bhutanese (BT)

Bihari (BH)

Bosnian (BS)

Breton (BR)

Bulgarian (BG)

Burmese (MY)

Catalan (CA)


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