Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name Gets English Dub

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name has been warmly received on PS5 and PS4, but there’s been controversy surrounding its English dub. While most fans generally prefer to play the franchise with subtitles anyway, SEGA has found success adding English voiceovers to the series in recent years, making the franchise more accessible than it’s historically been.

SEGA announced they would give A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Changed the Name of His Creator a no-cost update, as the game will get an English dub. SEGA has yet to specify when their update will launch; they only confirmed it will happen sometime this month. 

In the trailer, you will hear an example of the voice actors who are English-speaking and provide their own version of the storyline to those wanting to play without subtitles. The game is a little off from the competitors. However, some players want to play it but enjoy a different game experience.

SEGA has made an exciting announcement regarding “A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Changed the Name of His Creator.” According to reports, the company is set to roll out a no-cost update for the game, introducing an English dub for a broader audience. 

SEGA has treated fans to a trailer showcasing snippets of the English dub to offer a glimpse into this upcoming feature. This trailer showcases the voice actors who bring each character to life through their unique performances, giving players a better immersive experience without relying on subtitles for narrative context. This move by SEGA aims to cater to players seeking a different gaming experience, even if the game stands a bit apart from its competitors.

For those intrigued by the prospect of a fresh, English-spoken perspective on “A Dragon Gaiden,” the trailer is a must-watch. 

But the decision to cast YouTuber Yong Yea as protagonist Kazuma Kiryu has mainly been criticized, and the first clips of his performance have been roundly ridiculed. You can now experience his turn as the iconic protagonist because the game has been updated with its previously delayed English dub.

Check out the trailer!